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Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value 35.77 Million approx. / 3.57 Crore approx.
Location Rajasthan Tenders Ref.No 64665590
Closing Date 15 - Dec - 2023  |  13 Days to go View Tender Details
Provision of Fire Escape Ladder and Water Hydrant at Af Stn Suratgarh
Sector Petroleum Products Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Rajasthan Tenders Ref.No 66531466
Closing Date 08 - Dec - 2023  |  6 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Plcp Cp Stn Monitoring Stn Monit for Nr, Plcp Psp Monitoring Psp Moni Qtr Nr, Pl Cp on Off Survey on Off Survey, Pl Cp Visit Charges Cp Breakdown, Visit Pl Location, Pl Depth Measurement Soil Cover, Pl Cp Data Recording 24 Hrs, Pl Cp Data Recording 48 Hrs, Pl Cp Maint Pl Cbl Conn Pin Brazing, Pl Cp Maint Suply Inst of Tlp a Type, Pl Cp Maint Suply Inst of Tlp M Type, Pl Cp Maint Concrete of Tlp, Pl Cp Maint Tlp Repair Maintenance, Pl Cp Maint Tlp Box Shifting, Pl Cp Maint Sup Koh Kirk Cell Maintenance, Pl Cp Maint Sup Install Polarization Coupon, Pl Cp Maint Supnlay Ref Cell, Pl Cp Maint Sup Inst Sspc, Pl Cp Maint Anode Bed Maintenance, Pl Cp Maint Sup Install Surge Diverter, Pl Cp Maint Tlp Door Replacement, Pl Cp Maint Jointing of Cable, Pl Cp S L Cable 1c X 6 Sq Mm, Pl Cp S L Cable 1c X 10 Sq Mm, Pl Cp S L Cable 1c X 35 Sq Mm, Pl Cp S L Cable 4c X 10sq Mm, Pl Cp Pmt Coating Survey Cipl, Pl Cp Pmt Coating Survey Cat, Pl Cp Pmt Coating Survey Dcvg, Pl Cvl Ex for Inspn Tpw Depth 0 1 5 M, Pl Cvl Ex for Inspn Tpw Depth 1 5 3 0 M, Pl Cvl Boring Upto 3 M, Pl Cvl Boring Upto 6 M, Pl Cp Maint Tlp Painting, Pl Cp Maint Ajb Painting, Pl Cp Maint Sup Lay Ground Anode Zn Anode 20 Kg, Pl Cp Maint Sup Lay Hdpe Sheet 8 Mm Thk, Pl Cp Maint Supplyninst Anodes Mmo Anode, Pl Cp Maint Compressor for Casing Pipe Cleaning, Plm Mech Wk End Seal Instl 22 Inch 16 Inch, Plm Mech Wk Add Vent Drain Pipe 3 Inch Size, Pl Cp Maint Soil Resistivity Survey, Pl Cp Maint Sup Installation of Shunt, Pl Cp Maint Sup Install Metallic Circuit Diagram, Pl Cp Maint Sup Install Zinc Ribbon Anode, Pl Cp Maint Sup Install Variable Resistor, Visit of Nace Cp Level 3 Expert at Site, Pl Cp Maint Sup Laying of Ac Mitigator, S I Mg Anodes Cp S M, Pl Cp Cp Stn Monitoring Mmbpl Ch1199 1273 Km, Pl Cp Psp Monitoring Mmbpl Ch1199 1273 Km, Pl Cp on Off Survey Mmbpl Ch1199 1273 Km, Pl Cp Maint Sup Lay Ground Anode Zn Anode 20kg, Plm Mech Wk End Seal Instl 22 Inch 16inch, Pl Cp Maint Sup Lay Ground Anode Zn Anode 11kg, Plm Mech Wk End Seal Instl 14 Inch 8 Inch - Amc for Cp Monitoring Maintenance of Bpcl Northern Region Pipelines
Qty : 7977

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